Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Version 1.1.9 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • New Feature: Inventory Management can navigate to previous months.
  • Added: New Status.
  • Added: Filter on Publisher Search screen.
  • Added: Date range label on Mock S28 report.
  • Added: Year can be selected for Mock S28 report.
  • Added: On Mock S28 report, the month that falls under the selected date range is highlighted in blue.
  • Added: Year on single Inventory Month report's header.
  • Added: Blank choices to Report filters. In case you didn't know, you could select nothing for a filter and it shows you all instead of filtering.
  • Improved: All reports were improved to have as much useful information as possible, and sorted in a logical manner. The Packing List form (S-74a) inspired most of these changes.
  • Improved: Reports by Request Month accurately show only the choices available, based on other choices. For example, if 2009 is selected, it will only show Request Months that were made in 2009.
  • Improved: "Download New Items" changed to "Download Literature Updates". It is now possible for me to push out spelling corrections and item symbols as I discover them.
  • Improved: When marking an order as "Ordered", if you have Request Month turned on, it checks to see if the order is the correct Request Month, and prompts you if it isn't the most recent. The thought behind this is you mark an Order as "Ordered" on the month it is requested, so it should match the most recent ones.
  • Fixed: Datatype mismatch error on Request Month report when switching years.
  • Fixed: Brand new publisher can be moved to another congregation successfully.
  • Removed: Inventory Management is now always on. Inventory Management is now mature enough to be reliably used by everyone.

Please use the improved "Download Literature Updates" on the Literature Items List screen to update your literature list.  Everyone should see 4 symbols added & 4 spelling corrections, unless you discovered and fixed these on your own...

The "Items to Order from All Congregations" on the Login screen will be REMOVED on the next update.  Due to the changes in how each congregation will handle orders, this feature will be worthless.  If anyone still uses it (maybe your method of ordering hasn't changed), you can use the new Report by Status to collect the same information.  Simply blank out the Congregation before running the report, and ensure "Unordered" is selected (it is by default) and you will achieve the same report.


If anyone has any ideas for improvement, or found a bug...PLEASE let me know now.  Either email me or, preferably, use the Support forum and let me know what's on your mind.  After 1.2.0 is released, the only updates will be bug fixes, if any are discovered.  It will be a long time before new features are implemented.  After LRO reaches 1.2.0, focus will be set on translation, and afterwards, I get a nice long break. ;-)

Still on the to-do list:

  • Inventory Management threshold (alert you when running low on stock items)
  • TLA Import ability
  • Which congregation handles stock orders?
  • General consistency and cosmetic improvements.

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