Sunday, November 8, 2009

Version 1.1.7 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • New Feature: Ability to choose how long to keep orders & inventory data.
  • New Feature: Request Month Setting. Set what month it is and it will automatically be selected for you when placing an order. Very useful when used directly at a hall & especially with multiple congregations.
  • Added: "Non-linked Items" button on S-28 builder screen. This shows you the S-14 items that are NOT linked to any S-28 field. Inactive items are not displayed on this list.
  • Improved: Historical reports are now standardized. I make a change on one, all others are affected. This prevents duplication of work (on my part) when fixing/adding something.
  • Improved: Request Month report more closely reflects the S-74 form. This will make separating orders by congregation very easy!
  • Improved: Request Month is now the first tab on the "Reports" screen, if Request Month is turned on of course.
  • Fixed: Request Month report now includes the year. NOTE: LRO tries to help: if you are in December, but put a request month for January, it assumes it is in the following year (which should be the case all the time). Vise versa is true are in Jan, but mark as Dec, LRO assumes the request was for the previous year.
  • Fixed: Request Month could be removed from an order. Now it cannot.
  • Fixed: Request Month can now be used as a filter (on all the management screens that have a filter).
  • Fixed: S-28 Builder...when deleting a field, linked items were NOT deleted. They were left alone, causing issues.
  • Fixed: Progress bar when closing LRO with Automatic Backups on...the progressbar jumped backwards when it made the Automatic backup.
  • Fixed: On Access 2007 machines, the ability to change sorting on the Inventory Management screen was broke.

I plan on taking the last week of November off of work.  During that time, I plan to finalize LRO (do some code cleanup & optimization) and therefore get it ready to be translated.  Spanish will be the first, since there is significant interest in it.  Will give more details on this later...

If it wasn't 12:39 in the morning, I'd say more.  But I think it's time to say "Good night!"

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