Sunday, November 29, 2009

Problems - For other languages

I have just discovered 3 issues with LRO on a Spanish brother's computer:

1. Inventory Management is very weird.  It does not work right due to the way the dates are arranged in Spanish.  Instead of mm/dd/yyyy, it is dd/mm/yyyy.  This is breaking inventory management, and should have the same effect for anyone whose dates are not set like that...which I think is everyone except the USA.

2. Other Tools...when Restoring, it appears to be broke.  If your computer is any language besides English, PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO RESTORE FROM BACKUP. The backups are being created successfully, but they are not able to be Restored successfully.

3. Download Literature Updates is failing.

I will look into all of these issues and get a resolution ASAP.  It look like version 1.2.0 will NOT be the final version.  These need to be fixed and re-tested before LRO can be finalized.

Sorry for any inconveniences!

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