Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Got an idea? Let's hear it!

Howdy all!

As the last week of November (and LRO 1.2.0) approaches, the current features will be finalized, and a few more modifications and enhancements.  I will be taking that last week of November off of my secular work, and will use that time to go through all the code and optimize it and improve consistency all around.  Afterwards, LRO will be ready for translation to other languages.  At this time, only Spanish has been requested and has enough volunteers to accomplish.

What that means is once LRO reaches 1.2.0, there will be NO MORE big changes or features, unless it is absolutely necessary because of a change in the way the literature room works.  At least, not for a good while.  Of course LRO will more than likely undergo more changes down the road, but it might be FAR down the road.

So let's hear it!  Got an idea?  Wanna see something added?  Speak now, or you might have to wait a while...  ;-)

Please sign up in the Support Forum to post your ideas.  Or, if you prefer, e-mail me instead.


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