Sunday, September 6, 2009

Version 1.1.4 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • New Feature: The ability to move a publisher and all their CURRENT orders to another congregation.
  • Added: Delete button on Publisher Search screen.
  • Added: A Reset button on the Order Form screen.
  • Added: The ability to view completed orders via the "View All Orders" screen.
  • Renamed: "View All Active Orders" to "View All Orders" due to the change above.
  • Renamed: "Order Form" to "Order Form & Mgmt".  Makes more sense, because you manage your orders on that screen as well.
  • Fixed: Tab order settings on the Settings screen.
  • Fixed: Updated Help on Settings & Publisher search screen.
  • Fixed: When placing an order, the value in the Quantity field is checked when clicking the "Place Order" button instead of immediately when leaving the field. This caused some confusion.
  • Fixed: All reports with congregation names use concatenation instead of 2 separate labels, this will eliminate any "floating" effect with the congregation names on reports.
  • Changed: History report titles...made them slightly smaller to fit longer named congregations.
  • Changed: Speed of "Order Placed Successfully" notification. Stays solid .5 seconds longer, but fades away 2x faster.

Our Circuit Assembly was this weekend, and since we drove back and forth (a 1.75 hour trip one direction), I brought my Asus EEE netbook with me and worked on LRO in the car.  And so, I was able to get this release ready.

I'm still working on the User Guide.  It's about 50% done.  Perhaps I will have it by tomorrow evening.  No promises though.  And I also plan to add screenshots of LRO here for those who want to see it before even downloading it.

Last but not least...Inventory Management is going to get a face-lift.  I have an excellent idea for how to re-design it that will make converting it to a mock S-28 form much easier.  I'm fairly confident I can preserve any existing Inventory data with this face-lift, but no promises in this regard.  I will warn all of you if I am unable to do this.  If I can successfully accomplish this face-lift, I will make the Inventory Management display at all time (no more on/off setting) because it will then be everything it needs to be to accomplish its purpose.

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