Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Progress report

Howdy all!

I'm still working on the next update. The biggest change is the addition of the mock S-28 form. This addition has taken MUCH longer than I expected, but in the end, it should be well worth it. You will be able to track your inventory items on LRO...and then print out a completely filled out S-28 form. Wouldn't that be sweet? :-)

Here's how it's looking so far. I've added a new button on the Inventory Management screen:

That new button takes you to the S-28 builder, where I have already built the S-28 for you. However you can use this screen to adjust the S-28 form when an update is needed (and I haven't gotten to it yet) or if your country's S-28 looks different. It's fully customizable!

Because the S-28 form has some "oddball" numbers, ones that combine S-14 items, each S-28 field will need S-14 items linked to it. So then you click on the Link Items button and link the S-14 items to the S-28 field. As many as you need!

Then, finally, the S-28 form will be designed and ready to go. Here's what I have so far (and there's MUCH work to be done on the report!!).

Yes, I still have MUCH work to do on the report. I'm confident I can get it looking 90% like the S-28 form. And then of course cleanup the new screens, steamline the process, error checking, and all that good stuff.

It will definately be nice when it is done! Stay tuned!

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