Sunday, July 19, 2009

Version 1.0.8 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • Fixed: Blue highlight (for quantity change) appears BEFORE yellow highlight (for inactive item) on all order screens.
  • Fixed: Shrunk Quantity column size on "View All Orders" screen and "Publisher Search" screen.
  • Fixed: Added period to "Original quantity" message when double-clicking a changed quantity.
  • Fixed: Preorder's publisher dropdown is now limited to list.
  • Fixed: Inventory Management's Langauge dropdown is now limited to list.
  • Fixed: Inventory Management's Item Name dropdown is now limited to list, which also fixes an issue when end-user types something that isn't on the list.
  • Fixed: Quantities equal to or less than 0 are no longer allowed.
  • Fixed: Canceling the deletion of an order, item, or inventory item would cause the screen to jump to where the selected item would be on the top of what's currently visible. It no longer jumps.
  • Fixed: Access 2007 issue...when canceling a deletion, it would ask if you wanted to save the form.

As you can see, the focus of this update was fixes.  I did work on the Request # feature, but was not able to finish.  I don't want to rush this's actually pretty involved.  I want to make sure I do it right, so I decided to release 1.0.8 without it.  Although nothing was added, a lot was fixed.

Provided things go well...the next update will include the new Request # feature, along with some enhancements to Inventory Management.  I want to make sure both get done 100% correctly, so don't be surprised if the release of 1.0.9 is a bit late.

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