Monday, July 13, 2009

Version 1.0.7 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • Fixed: Centered the following forms: Login, Main Menu, Reporting Tools, and Settings. (Fixes Access 2007 Settings screen jumping issue).
  • Fixed: Reporting Tools reports were not adding up orders correctly.
  • Fixed: Reports had margins that gave issues for some printers.
  • Fixed: Reports didn't always show up in landscape orientation (for the ones that were suppose to).
  • Fixed: Minor cosmetic & consistancy issues.
  • Added: Calendar buttons on Reporting Tools.
  • Added: Start Date must be less than End date validation check on Reporting Tools.
  • Added: Reset Filters button on the Reporting Tools screen.
  • Added: INVENTORY MANAGEMENT!! After much work, I'm happy to announce Inventory management is now available.
  • Added: Creation of a backup after an upgrade. In case an upgrade goes screwy, your data is preserved from the last version 100% intact!
  • Added: "Extra" backup cleanup. "Extra" backups are created when all data is erased, migration data after an upgrade is refused, or (now) after performing an upgrade. A maximum of 10 backups are kept.

Inventory management is finally available!  It's a big feature...please explore it (make sure and read the Help included in the "?" button) and let me know if it makes sense or if you find any issues with it. It is fully functional, so whatever data you put in it is solid. NOTE: you have to turn it "on" on the Settings screen.

The reporting for Inventory Management will be enhanced over time.  I will try to make it look much more like the S-28 form, but that will take a lot of work.  Will get to this one day...soon hopefully.  I will also look at making a report to match or come close to the S-14 form.  Same will take a LOT of work.  But I will look into it eventually.

I know I said there would be some report enhancements on the Order Form screen in this was determined that it was a "training issue", not a problem with the reports.  So they were left alone, and now our LC understands which report to use.

Next update will be small.  I'm thinking of adding some "reminder" features, which of course you'll be able to turn on/off.  And also the ability to attach a request # (or more accurately, request month) to each order, which will add another type of report to the Reporting Tools screen.

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